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Facts about my Birdsona
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Not going to explain the rules, so I'm just going to list 9 of them because I'm the strongest.Hina claims to be a ninja chicken, but she is actually a phoenix and she has no real knowledge of ninjas whatsoever.Hina is really big, like real big. I haven't set an exact size for her but I'd eyeball it at about 5 meters in real life. She's also really heavy and fat.Hina is active during the day and quickly goes to sleep when the sun falls.Hina's favorite food is grilled chickens and finds absolutely nothing wrong with it even though she thinks she's a chicken herself.Hina is weak against water. So if she falls into water that's game over for her.Hina has a secret spicy chicken recipe that's so spicy it can "bring the dead back to life", this parallels my real-life spicy sesame oil recipe that I use a lot in cooking.Hina bathes in sand that cleans out the trapped dirt in her feathers because taking a shower with water is out of the question.Hina can fly bu
:iconhinawashi:hinawashi 1 11
Sonic in Tamagotchi :iconcansin13art:Cansin13Art 6 4 Plusle and Minun :iconkimberley1998:kimberley1998 7 0 Salazzle :iconkimberley1998:kimberley1998 7 0



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United States
Welcome to my page. I'm just your typical male who likes weird things.

You'll see me draw normal art, as well as some "questionable" art. Don't like? Click the back button. It's that simple.

Feel free to talk to me. I may appear to be serious or even harsh at times, but I do try to be as friendly as I can. However, DON'T get on my bad side, for I can and WILL be assertive. I tend to be very busy at times, so don't take it personally if I don't instantly respond.

Also, yes, I roleplay.

Wii U: ecw214

3DS: 3926-6402-4413


Personal Quote: "You do nothing, you get nothing."

Also, if you still need to know more about me, read this journal:…
*Just a fair warning: This Journal will be very negative, and will contain a bit of venting, if you don't want to hear about it, than please ignore this.*

Hey... Some of you might have noticed that I've been inactive for a bit... That's because I have been dealing with a lot of things with my life, particularly with a whole lot of crap I've had to deal with in school and in my personal life. I had to deal with midterms and papers, as well as having to balance that out with activities, and trying to not worry about being expelled... I have been coming back home so late that I barely have time for myself...

Honestly, I was aware that March was gonna be a stressful time for me, but I did not expect things to get this tense. So much drama and BS has happened, so much so that I might have to do another year should things get worse (note me if you want the specifics). I have been so busy trying to pass all my classes, while still holding down an activity while even so having to deal with crap in my personal life... It feels as if whenever I do try to do better for myself, something has to happen that'll pull me back to where I started... And that fact that my "friends" and even family would simply downplay things and pick at me about it does not make it better... I would often feel so exhausted and even depressed at times that I don't want to talk to people... I don't know how things will turn out in the long run...

I'm probably rambling at the moment, but I'm just not in the happiest of moods right now, and I apologize if I have been dormant. I'll try to be a bit more active. I just hope things die down.

Take care...


*That odd moment when someone says that heavy metal is the devil's music.*
This has been something I have been dealing with as of late. Whenever I hear of people getting ahead of their lives, doing better tham I am, I can't help but feel jealous, and often left out. I see people together, having a lot of conversations, being happy, and I'm just stuck here, struggling to keep myself happy. There would be times when I would get angered whenever I see those things. I would often think, "What about me? Why that can't be me? What am I doing wrong?"

Is it jealousy, or saltiness? How can I deal with this?
FINALLY! I actually drew a Koopaling after over a year! Looks a bit rough, but still feel proud of it.
One surefire way to piss me off: "Can you draw gift art for me?" You can't just ask someone to draw you a gift. That's watering it down to a request. Reason why I'm saying this is because it's been something I have been dealing with from my peers. It gets real frustrating. :/ I might say more on this should I still deal with this.


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